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No 2 Texas parenting plans are alike

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2014 | Child Custody

Just as no two divorces are alike, neither are any two-child custody arrangements. There is no cookie-cutter parenting plan. They are as unique as each family is.

That’s why our firm helps our clients work towards a custody or visitation agreement that is best for the children involved — one that will allow our clients to maintain and build the parent-child bond whether they are the primary custodial parent or not.

We also understand that custody and visitation plans will likely need to change as children grow older. For very young children, even a year can make a big difference in how much time they need to spend with a custodial parent and how much it is appropriate for them to have more time with a non-custodial dad or mom. As children get older, they often want and deserve a say in how they divide their time between households.

Fortunately, many people’s work schedules allow them the flexibility that divorced parents didn’t have when we were growing up. With more parents able to work at home, whether regularly or intermittently, they have more flexibility in when they can take care of their children. Technology has also increased our ability to see and talk to our children no matter where we are.

Attitudes about parenting have also changed. Many companies recognize that men, just like women, should be able to take time off to care for their children, take them to appointments or attend events like softball games and dance recitals. Fortunately, Texas courts are increasingly agreeable to creative co-parenting solutions that put the children’s best interests first.

Make no mistake — a creative co-parenting plan still requires codification to ensure that both parties abide by it. While parents may agree to some flexibility, it’s still essential that the plan be spelled out in a legal document. This not only helps provide stability for your children, but it will help minimize misunderstandings and disagreements as you build this new family dynamic. To learn more about child custody and visitation, please review our webpage on the topic.