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Why the post-Christmas spike in Google searches for ‘divorce?’

On Behalf of | Dec 30, 2014 | Divorce

Google searches say a lot about the things that people around the world are interested in as well as their moods, according to researchers who study trends in the most-commonly-searched words and phrases throughout the year. The ups and downs of searches for “divorce” around the holiday season can be telling.

Researchers found that the number of searches for “divorce” drops in the days before Christmas. However, there is a significant rise in searches for the term in the 10 days after the holiday.

This may be attributed to our tendency to put off unpleasant tasks, like seeking a divorce, until after the holidays are over. (Interestingly, searches for “doctor” rise after Christmas as well.) The post-holiday spike may also be a result of the increased reflection on family over the holidays, perhaps because people feel forced to be around them whether they like it or not.

The holiday season may also be a time when long-simmering tensions boil over. Searches for “hate” along with “husband,” “wife,” “mom” and “dad” also increase at Christmas, as do searches for the all-encompassing “dysfunctional family.”

Taking the first step toward divorce is never easy. However, sometimes, one person in the couple has to take that step. If you wait until your spouse is ready, you may end up living many more unhappy years together. If the holidays give you the final impetus you need to take this step, you’re not alone. A consultation with a Texas family law attorney can be the first step toward a new and ultimately more fulfilling life for both you and your spouse.

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