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How to make sure child support is really paid

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2015 | Divorce

It’s one thing to get a child support order that tells your ex to send money to you every month; it’s entirely another thing to make sure it actually happens. Some people skip payments on purpose, not wanting to pay at all, while others just have lapses when they forget or run into tough financial times. What can you do to make sure you actually get paid on time so that you can stick to your budget?

The court will always put a stipulation in child support orders saying that immediate income withholding can be used if needed. This can automatically be triggered. Pay will then be garnished so that the necessary money is taken out and sent to you before your ex even gets paid. This way, he or she has no say in whether or not the money in sent on to you.

There are other tactics that can be used, as well. In some cases, bank accounts are accessed and money is withdrawn from them. In other cases, tax returns are intercepted and the money is collect that way; this can also be done if someone wins money in the lottery. In drastic situations, liens can be used on property the person owns, he or she can be denied a passport or have a driver’s license suspended, bank accounts can be frozen, and personal property can be seized and sold.

If you have not been paid on time and you need that money quickly, the government is on your side. Please visit our site now to learn more about what you can do.