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Judge rules in divorcing spouses’ battle over where to bury son

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2016 | Child Custody

We’ve written here about numerous conflict-ridden divorces and child custody battles, but a particularly tragic case is playing out here in Houston and Atlanta. It involves a 3-year-old boy who is the son of former New York Giant Danny Ware. The running back’s son was struck and killed by a car as he played outside in Atlanta last month.

Ware and his wife, who are in the midst of a divorce that he initiated, added another legal battle to the mix — over where to bury their son. The former running back wanted to bury him in Atlanta. His wife wanted him buried in Houston. The court ruled in favor of Cherylynn Ware, and that decision was upheld on appeal. Now the two parents are reportedly turning their attention to battling over the custody of their other son.

Mrs. Ware’s brother is speaking out in the media on behalf of his sister, praising her for how she’s handled the tragedy and the ensuing court battle over her young son’s final resting place. He called Danny Ware an “absentee father.” Ware says that he’s a “heartbroken father trying to get answers as to what happened to my son.”

While this is a rather unique and particularly sad situation, it’s not unusual for a relationship between divorcing spouses to get so rancorous that they fight over everything, often to the detriment of their children. While most family law attorneys would prefer that their clients be able to resolve issues amicably with their estranged spouses, they’re there to protect those clients’ interests and work toward the best resolution for them.

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