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Could This Simple Technique Save Your Marriage (And More)?

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2016 | Divorce

Marriage can be tough. As time passes, it can seem as though there are more and more conflicts, and fewer and fewer reasons to stay together. Of course, people want their marriages to work. They do not give up without trying to salvage the relationship that once meant so much to them. They go through counseling and try a wide variety of methods to return to a place of happiness.

A recent article from Psychology Today claims that one simple technique could not only save your marriage, but possibly also help you take on other life challenges, including dealing with a serious medical condition like cancer.

Cognitive Reappraisal

The technique is known as cognitive reappraisal. Essentially, it involves stepping outside of yourself and addressing a conflict as if you were a neutral third party. You put the emotional component aside and look at the issue objectively. While this seems simple, a study showed that couples provided a short practice session on cognitive reappraisal techniques were able to preserve marital satisfaction during the year they were tracked, whereas those who were not coached on these techniques saw a decline.

The author of the article takes this a step further and posits that cognitive reappraisal could help a person reach peace with major medical problems like cancer, and could potentially be used to deal with other life challenges.

The one caveat is that the technique may not work for all personality types. “People who enjoy engaging in elaborated thinking” may find more success with cognitive reappraisal.

When To Consider Divorce

At Weinman & Associates, we understand how tough the decision to divorce can be, and we know the havoc it can bring to a person’s life. Our founding attorney, Daryl Weinman, is a child of divorce and has gone through a divorce.

Sometimes, a marriage is worth fighting for. Other times, divorce can be the start of a journey back to yourself, back to happiness. Ultimately, the decision is yours. We are happy to educate you about the divorce process. If you choose to go through the process, we can guide you through it with dignity and respect.