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Infidelity isn’t the top reason for divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2016 | Divorce

Perhaps in part because of the way that relationship breakdowns are portrayed in books and movies, people often assume that most divorces happen because one spouse cheated on the other. However, though this does happen, it’s not the top reason. A panel of experts determined that the actual top reason for a divorce was that couples have communication problems.

Communication issues can be huge because they may contribute to allowing other issues to feel worse over time. This can create an unhealthy relationship that is constantly getting closer to divorce.

For example, one spouse may want the other spouse to be more supportive, offering more positive affirmation. The other spouse may not do this naturally and honestly may not even know that he or she is letting the other spouse down. That person, not caring about getting affirmation, doesn’t know that it needs to be given.

If the couple doesn’t communicate well and talk about the issues, and just hopes things get better, they likely never will. This can cause a growing tension, and they both may not even know why.

This tension makes other things seem worse than they are. When a spouse is late getting home from work, doesn’t help out around the house or doesn’t change the baby’s diaper, for example, there can be an explosion of pent up anger. This can cause arguments and disagreements to be far worse than they actually should be and eventually can cause the marriage to break down.

This shows how even a marriage that doesn’t seem to have major issues can suddenly end. If yours does, you need to know your rights and make sure you fight for what you deserve.

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