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Texas expands remedies for collecting owed child support

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2016 | Family Law

One provision of a custody agreement that constantly seems to cause conflict is the child support obligation levied against a non-custodial parent. Despite the significant number of tools at the disposal of the custodial parent through the legal system, many parents who have a child support obligation choose to not pay what they owe. Whether this is because they feel that the sum they are charged with supplying is an unjust burden, or simply because they feel that they cannot afford to pay what they owe, they are placing themselves in a dangerous position.

In Texas, the law has granted courts yet another avenue for compelling parents who owe child support to make good on their obligation to their child. In addition to other remedies already on the books, as of Sept. 1, the Texas Attorney General’s office now has the ability to deny vehicle registration for a parent who is delinquent in at least six consecutive months of child support.

This is a tricky statute to implement effectively, however. Since it effectively may remove a parent’s ability to have reliable transportation, parents who face this penalty may be facing the prospect of losing their livelihood altogether. Ideally, this measure is not the first one used to compel compliance, but is rather implemented after other, less aggressive tactics have been exhausted.

Fortunately for parents who may soon find themselves on the receiving end of this or other remedies to child support delinquency, the state does recognize that not all of those who are behind on their child support are behind for the same reasons. While some are willfully delinquent when they could possibly pay their obligations, others are unable to pay the amount that they owe due to circumstances beyond their control. In these cases, it is possible to set up a feasible payment plan with the Office of the Attorney General.

Child support is a serious matter, and Texas treats it as such. If you are a parent who is owed child support, there is no need to let a bad situation become worse. If you are unsure how to proceed, the guidance of an experienced attorney can help make sure that your rights remain protected while you work to reach a reasonable remedy to your situation, keeping the best interests of your child at the heart of the matter.

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