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Texas legislature debates subsidies for vulnerable children

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2017 | Family Law

Texas lawmakers got personal with each other recently, turning a legislative meeting into a debate about personal ethics and institutional racism. There are certainly many passionate feelings on all sides. No one can disagree that at the heart of the matter is the fact that many children who are exceptionally vulnerable — those who come from unsafe environments — are taken into state custody.

Some legislation currently being considered proposes that the state offer support to family members who take in vulnerable children, in a similar system to that used with foster families. The basic assumption underlying the proposals is that it is preferable to place vulnerable children with someone related to them instead of an unrelated foster family. However, the bone of contention arose about whether the state should offer such support to undocumented caregivers to take in vulnerable children.

Both sides of the aisle were in agreement that it is worthwhile to pay families some support for helping out another family member instead of placing the child in the foster system. For the most part, the negotiations centered on how much support was appropriate, but tempers flared over the issue of granting subsidies to undocumented caregivers who took in vulnerable children, with some parties claiming that the state should not be giving money to undocumented immigrants, even if it means placing children needlessly into the state custody.

While the issue is still unresolved, it does serve to underline the way that political differences can sometimes overwhelm the needs of those who need the most protection. If there are children in your life in need of a loving home, proper legal guidance can help you discern the best way to help give them the care they need. Experienced legal guidance can help you navigate this tricky legal area and get the help you need to give loving homes to vulnerable children.

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