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Did your divorce decree omit your name change?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Divorce

After negotiating a divorce settlement, property division agreement, and any child custody or permitting agreements as a part of your divorce, it is easy to let some of the other related details slip through the cracks. One such detail that commonly escapes the attention of divorcing spouses until after everything finalizes is the matter of changing one’s name.

While not all spouses choose to change their name when they marry, those who do often do not want to continue carrying their amended name after leaving the marriage. The process varies from state to state, and may shift over time, but an experienced attorney can help you understand exactly which steps you must take to change your name back to your original, unmarried name.

It is usually useful to gather any old documentation you have with your former name, to prove that it is in fact your name. Of course, if you choose, you may also change your name to something entirely new, but the process may take longer and require a number of additional steps. If your divorce has yet to finalize, inserting your name change into the order is usually a very simple, straightforward task for a legal professional.

Whether you need to amend your divorce petition or address the issue post-divorce, an experienced attorney will help you understand your options and keep your rights secure. Professional legal counsel helps you understand the full scope of the issues you must address, while helping you dodge many of the pitfalls and setbacks that divorce presents.

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