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How divorced parents can help their kids enjoy the holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2018 | Child Custody

Nothing can test divorced parents’ resolve to push their differences to the back burner and focus on what’s best for their kids like the holidays. It’s best if you’ve included details for the holidays in your custody agreement and parenting plan. This gives you a framework for how your children will divide their time. However, it’s always helpful when both parents can be a bit flexible.

It’s essential for you to keep a positive attitude about the time your kids are spending with your co-parent over the holidays — even if you feel lonely without them. Let them share their experiences, complete with photos and videos.

If they sense that you’re sad or angry about their time with their co-parent, they’ll feel guilty. That’s not something any responsible parent wants. Use the kids’ time away to do something fun with friends, family or alone.

If you and your co-parent have an amicable relationship, perhaps you can all do something together — perhaps taking in this year’s Trail of Lights, an afternoon at the movies or dinner together one night.

Just be careful that they don’t see this as a sign that you’re getting back together — especially if you haven’t been apart for long. One family law attorney says, “Explain to your children that you are not getting back together but we both love you and both want to be the best parents we can be.”

It’s not uncommon for divorced parents to feel an added sense of guilt about their break-up this time of year. However, it’s more productive to commit yourselves to making the holiday season a memorable one for your kids,

If you discover that there are holes in your custody agreement regarding the holidays or if there are modifications that you believe should be made before next year, talk with your family law attorney.