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Former Texas lieutenant governor sued by ex for nonpayment

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2019 | Divorce

A former Texas lieutenant governor is facing a lawsuit by his ex-wife alleging that he has failed to repay her $6.7 million in personal and business loans she made to him during their marriage, as designated in their 2016 divorce agreement. She also says that he owes her millions in unpaid alimony.

David Dewhurst, who served from 2003 to 2015 as the state’s lieutenant governor, married Tricia Bivins in 2012. The two divorced in 2016. Bivins was a lobbyist for Reliant Energy. She has also worked for a law firm. Dewhurst failed to win re-election (or even the Republican primary) to the number two executive position in the state in the 2014 election. He also failed in a 2012 U.S. Senate run, losing to Ted Cruz.

According to the suit, Dewhurst agreed to make two lump sum alimony payments totaling $3 million as well as monthly alimony of $35,000. Bivins says the lump sum payments weren’t made, and the monthly payments haven’t been made since Dec. 2018.

Dewhurst agreed in the divorce to continue to pay the mortgage on the couple’s luxury condo in the Houstonian as well and other expenses for Bivin. It wasn’t reported whether those payments have continued as agreed.

Dewhurst, who once told the press that he lost money serving in public office, now serves on the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board led by former Texas Governor and current U.S. Energy Secretary Rick Perry.

Sometimes, getting the terms you’re seeking in a divorce is only part of the battle. Collecting can be a whole other challenge. If you have concerns about whether your spouse will live up to the provisions of your divorce agreements, talk with your attorney about ways in which you can work to try to ensure compliance without having to resort to legal action down the line.