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4 top reasons for divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2020 | Divorce

Divorce is complicated, just like marriage, and it doesn’t always follow the set trends that you’d expect. Maybe you figured people got divorced after falling in love with someone else or going through some other major life change, but then a friend got divorced because he or she just got bored with the relationship. It opens your eyes to how divorce happens for all manner of reasons.

To explore this a little more, here are four of the top reasons that experts have found. Again, your divorce could stem from any one of them or from something else entirely, but hopefully this helps to demonstrate just how different those reasons are.

1. Addiction

Some people have addictive personalities and they’ll struggle with addictions all their lives. At first, a spouse may try to help them, but there are times when it becomes too much. Maybe the addiction wastes all of the family’s money or maybe it puts the children at risk. The other person may eventually decide they have no choice but to leave.

Addictions can take many forms. In addition to drugs and alcohol, people also have addictions to gambling, working, smartphone use, sex and much more.

2. Money issues

Addiction is not the only thing that leads to money issues. When money gets tight, it often puts so much stress on the relationship that the couple has to split up. This could happen after the loss of a job, because one person spends too much money, because of unexpected medical debt or for many other reasons. Money is also one of the main reasons couples argue, and that can lead to divorce as well.

3. Major traits don’t align

Sometimes, couples just feel like they’re not compatible. They have major traits that are important to them, but those things don’t align with their spouse.

In some cases, they may have known about these differences before getting married, but they didn’t feel as important. For instance, maybe the two people have different religions. That didn’t bother them when they were dating, but after marrying and having kids, they started running into issues regarding how to raise the children.

4. Something unexpected happens

You can’t predict everything in life, and unexpected changes can lead to divorce. Examples include getting diagnosed with a serious disease or having a child pass away. These traumatic experiences may prove too much for the couple to work through.

Getting divorced

Do you think that you are going to get divorced for one of these reasons or for any other? No matter why it is happening, the key is to make sure you understand all of the legal options and rights that you have.