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Why do divorce filings increase in January?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2021 | Divorce

Every year, hundreds of people in Texas and around the country file for divorce at the start of January. While couples can file for divorce at any time of the year, researchers have noted that most divorces seem to initiate in January. This suggests that many spouses want to have one last holiday with their families before they break the news.

Why do more people file for divorce in January?

Experts have noted that many people wait until January to file for divorce because they don’t want to ruin the holiday season. If couples have children, they’re even more likely to wait because they want to give their children an enjoyable holiday. Otherwise, they could end up fighting over child custody while their children are trying to celebrate.

Additionally, some couples get divorced in January because the new year has arrived and they want to get a fresh start. This gives them plenty of time to salvage the rest of the year ahead.

In some cases, the stress of the holiday season can actually cause the divorce. Some people end up hiring a family law attorney because the holidays showed them that they don’t want to spend the rest of their life with their spouse. They might have argued constantly, dealt with family drama or simply reached the breaking point in their marriage in the previous month.

Are you thinking about filing for divorce?

Many people put off filing for divorce because they don’t want to deal with an expensive court battle. An attorney may educate you about other options that allow you to settle your divorce outside of court. For example, an attorney might act as a mediator who helps you and your former spouse discuss your issues civilly.