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What does the court consider when you apply for a relocation?

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2021 | Child Custody

Texas parents who have an existing child custody arrangement will need to apply with the court to have it modified if they want to relocate. It’s common for parents to relocate for reasons like finding a better-paying job or moving closer to extended family members. Unfortunately, convincing the court that a move is a good idea for your child can be difficult.

Best interests of the children

Family law judges make their decisions based on what is in the best interests of the children. In most cases, relocation may be conceived as a negative move for a child as it disrupts their accustomed lifestyle. It’s a parent’s job to convince the judge that a move is in the best interest of their child. Having the assistance of a skilled attorney may benefit a parent who is filing for a modification of their custody agreement due to a relocation.

Key areas to consider

When judging what’s in the child’s best interest, a child custody judge will take a look at four key considerations. The first is the consistency that a child will experience in a new environment compared to their existing environment. The second consideration is the child’s overall safety and health in a potentially new location. The third is the child’s family bonds in their existing location compared to a new location. When dealing with older children, a judge will take the child’s wants into consideration as well.

Applying for relocation as part of your child custody modification can be a burden for any parent. By understanding the factors above, you can help to set yourself up for proving that a relocation is in the best interest of your child.