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How to divorce a gambler

On Behalf of | May 7, 2021 | Blog, Divorce

Gambling addictions can destroy the finances of families in Texas and around the country. When people want to divorce a spouse with a gambling problem, they will want to take action to protect their finances before filing for divorce. Gathering as many documents as possible before filing for divorce and taking other steps might help to minimize some of the financial hits the person might otherwise face.

Try to learn the extent of the losses

Gamblers with addictions may go to great lengths to hide the extent of their losses. When people get divorced, both the assets and debts accumulated during the marriage will normally be divided between the estranged couple. Finding evidence that the gambler has wasted substantial assets might help people to secure an order for an unequal division of assets and debts. Get credit reports and look over them carefully. Both you and your spouse are entitled to receive free annual credit reports once per year. Review both of your credit reports to identify any accounts with which you are unfamiliar. Watch for account statements from credit card companies and banks, and review them carefully.

Gather documents and begin separating your finances

Gather all of the financial documents that you can, including bank, retirement, and investment account statements, income tax returns, W-2s, property deeds, car titles, and credit card and loan statements. Try to get copies of bank account statements for as long as your spouse has been gambling. Open a bank account in your name alone, and have your employer start depositing your checks in that account instead of a joint account.

Gambling is a serious problem and can destroy the finances of both the person with an addiction and their family. If you are preparing to divorce a spouse with a gambling addiction, taking the right steps in advance might help you to protect your finances and your future.