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I Reported Child Abuse To CPS, But They Did Nothing. What Can I Do?

On Behalf of | Aug 19, 2021 | Child Custody

Child abuse and neglect are serious problems throughout Texas. Unfortunately, this is something that often has to be reported by an outsider before any action is taken. Anyone in Texas can call in a report of child abuse or neglect if they suspect something is wrong. Sometimes, people are frustrated because it seems like nothing came of their report. Understanding the process can help give you some peace of mind.

What happens after a report

After a report of suspected abuse or neglect is received, it’s routed to a worker at CPS. They will look at the report and determine what action to take. Unfortunately, they don’t always follow up with an investigation. This can be especially frustrating to parents who are in a child custody dispute with someone they suspect of being an abuser.

What if it’s my ex?

Sometimes, CPS may view reports from an ex with some suspicion. That’s because in some divorces, unscrupulous people may make false reports to try and better their position. If you have a real suspicion that your ex or someone connected to them is abusing or neglecting your child, it’s important to make a report. If no one follows up on your report, you may want to contact a family law attorney.

A lawyer may be able to help the court understand the seriousness of what your child is dealing with. They may also be able to help you understand what other resources are available to you. For example, it can be appropriate to speak with a crisis counselor in a situation where there’s suspected child abuse. Remember, a lawyer’s job is to advocate strenuously for their clients. Family law attorneys work with this system every day. They may be able to communicate with the court and with CPS in a more effective manner.