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Fathers can also obtain custody of their kids

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Child Custody

In the state of Texas, a parent’s gender typically plays no role in whether he or she can obtain custody of a son or daughter. Therefore, if you are a father, it’s generally in your best interest to pursue legal or physical custody of your child if you want it.

The factors a court may use when crafting a custody order

There are several factors a family law court will look at when making a ruling in a custody proceeding. Primarily, a judge wants to see that there is a strong relationship between a parent and child. In addition, the judge wants to know that an individual has the physical, emotional and financial capacity to provide for a minor. Finally, it may be necessary to prove that you have the ability to work with your child’s other parent. Even if you obtain custody of a minor dependent, your former partner will generally have some say as to how that young person is raised.

What else should you know about pursuing custody of your child?

It’s important that you don’t say or do anything that could make a judge think that your child wouldn’t be safe in your presence. For instance, you should refrain from raising your voice in your child’s presence or when speaking to your former partner. You should also refrain from posting vulgar, threatening or other indecent content on social media pages that your son or daughter might have access to.

Regardless of the outcome of your custody case, it’s important to be a steady presence in your child’s life. In addition to helping your child adjust to his or her new reality, it may help you obtain greater parental rights in the future.