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Divorce essentials

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorce in Texas can be intimidating because of the legal and financial elements, but it is the child care and custody questions that tend to be the most emotionally and logistically taxing. Working out a parenting plan is key for managing the divorce process.

Co-parenting in divorce

Divorce can bring with it a lot of anger and resentment, but the couple needs to overcome their negative emotions for the sake of working together on raising the children. The parents need to agree on small things like screen time, diet and schedules just as much as big things like doctor visits and schools. The more the parents can collaborate and stick to the plan, the easier it will be to raise the child with minimal disruption. It is tempting to bend the rules when times are hard or to use the child as a way to discharge some old resentment, but the only person who loses in that situation is the child.

The process of trying to create a plan for child custody has to go beyond the bare minimum that the law requires. It has to be a broad plan that makes up a whole parenting strategy, not just timing for when to drop off and pick up the kids. It won’t be easy, but working together to make a workable plan for the long term is best for everyone and minimizes the difficulty of what the process requires.

The court orders for child custody are just the starting point. The more the parents can collaborate on raising their children together, the better the outcome will be for the whole family.