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Do Child Custody Exchanges Have To Happen At A Parent’s House?

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Child Custody

Child custody is a stressful matter for many Texas couples. Divorces aren’t always amicable, so exchanging children for visitation can be almost unbearable for divorcing parents and children. Thankfully the state recognizes how difficult these transactions are and offer legally acceptable ways for parents to share custody of their children.

Child custody exchanges don’t have to happen at either parent’s home. Custody exchanges can be arranged at suitable locations and by persons other than the parents. The court can set these options with or without the approval of either parent.

What are some child custody exchange options?

Child custody exchanges can be challenging but usually resolved after a while. To protect the children and the parents, picking up and dropping off can be done at school, church, a friend’s or relative’s home, or by having a designated third party handle the exchange.

Arguments, physical or verbal abuse are not healthy for children or adults. Choosing a child custody exchange option that will keep the peace is best for all. The court can set the exchange arrangements in the divorce proceedings and reevaluate them periodically.

Are there costs for child custody exchanges?

There could be costs if the exchange is done by a third party who is not a friend or relative. Things such as gas, travel expense, feeding the children, and more cost money. The divorce agreement can include which spouse pays or if both pay equally. Depending on how long these exchanges last, these costs can range from a few dollars to a full paycheck.

The added expense of child custody exchanges is one way to let cooler heads prevail. When both parents agree to the custody and visitation agreement, it’s better for the children and the parents.