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Telling your kids you’re getting divorced requires preparation

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Divorce

Getting divorced in Texas can be challenging when you have children. Telling them you’re getting divorced will likely take some preparation, so prepare what you’re going to say and develop a non-blaming narrative.

Plan what you will say

Preparing what you’re going to say to your kids when getting divorced can make the process easier and less frustrating for them to handle. Knowing they are likely to get hurt or angry requires thorough preparation. Using a divorce coach, counselor or other professional may be advisable if you have difficulty with this process.

Break the news together

Announcing a divorce to your children should be completed by both parents simultaneously. This action shows you are doing your best to work together and doesn’t cause a child to feel like they have to choose sides. Developing a plan to speak together is usually your best option.

Don’t place blame on each other or give an in-depth reason why

Avoiding the temptation to blame one another is essential when telling your kids you’re getting divorced. Doing so will let them feel like they aren’t caught in the middle of a struggle. The truth could be destructive in this line of communication. Keeping it short and straightforward will likely be best. An example of this might be “We aren’t happy together.” Another way to tell them is by saying, “We’ve tried working this out but can’t.”

Explain the changes to occur

Your kids will likely have several questions after hearing this announcement. Explaining the changes to occur can be advantageous in calming them. Reassurance can be a key way to keep your lives as normal as possible.

Telling your kids that you’re getting divorced will likely be challenging. However, following these steps should help make the process easier to handle.