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Are there divorce support groups in Austin?

On Behalf of | Sep 29, 2022 | Blog, Divorce

Going through a divorce can be a time of emotional strife. You might feel completely alone, even if you know that about half of the marriages end in divorce. A divorce support group in the Texas state capital of Austin might help you deal with the many emotions and changes you will experience during the process.

The challenges of divorce

Divorce is not just about the legal process. While you might be busy meeting with your lawyer and other professionals involved in your case, gathering financial documents, and attending negotiation sessions or court appointments, you might also be silently dealing with a range of overwhelming emotions. These can include:

  • Anger at your ex-spouse over the break-up
  • Fear about your future
  • Guilt over the effect of the divorce on the children
  • Confusion over the many decisions you will need to make

These emotions, if not addressed, might also affect your ability to make rational decisions during the divorce process. To be able to move on from your marriage and into your new single life, you might seek a divorce support group.

What does a divorce group offer its members?

A divorce support group offers its members a safe space where they can speak about and work through the many feelings that they experience during divorce. Divorce groups usually have a moderator who guides a small group of people who are going through the divorce process as they share their experiences, struggles and how they are overcoming these struggles. Groups usually meet on a set date and time and have rules about what can be done during the meetings. In the group, you can share your own story of divorce.

There are many types of divorce support groups. You might need to find the one that is right for you where you feel comfortable sharing your story with the group members.