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Actor ordered to pay wife $50,000

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2012 | Prenuptial Agreements

The acrimonious divorce between actor Terrence Howard and his estranged wife has gotten even more bitter now that a judge has ordered him to give her $50,000 until they meet again in court in April.

The ongoing divorce battle brings to light the need for couples, especially high-income couples, to consider negotiating a prenuptial agreement before getting married. That contract can avoid a drawn out court battle.

The Howards married in January 2010, and the marriage quickly went downhill. The woman filed for divorce, contending Howard physically assaulted her. In the divorce filing she alleged that her husband has hit her in the face, taken hold of her and pushed her across the room, and threatened to drop her from a balcony.

Now, Terrence Howard says he cannot get any roles in Hollywood because she has damaged his reputation with her accusations, which he says are false. An insider in the film industry agrees that the accusations, even if they are never substantiated, could hurt his career. She says that his reputation in Hollywood had been that he was a gentle man, but now opinions will change whether the allegations are ever found to be true.

Because of his lack of work, Howard says he has just $22,000 in the bank. He also charges that he and his estranged wife lived as man and wife for only six months and that in that time, more than $170,000 vanished from their joint funds. For her part, she says their marriage lasted 18 months and that she only took money that belonged to them both.

The wife contends that Howard still receives residuals from his films and has adequate funds to pay the $76,000 of monthly expenses he incurs.

Howard will need to give his wife $40,000 for legal and accounting fees and another $10,000 in support until the judge issues a final order in their next court date.

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