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Sanders given temporary custody

On Behalf of | May 24, 2012 | Divorce

Previously, we reported on the divorce between football legend Deion Sanders and his estranged wife. A new chapter has played out in a Texas courtroom after the couple traded allegations of assault.

Following a fight between the two in April, a judge ruled Sanders’ wife must stay at least 500 yards away from the $5.7 million mansion they shared in Prospect, a suburb of Dallas. The state district judge also awarded temporary custody of their children to Sanders. A full custody hearing must follow, and the children must take part in psychological counseling, the judge said.

The judge, however, did not think that continuing to live together was a wise idea for either spouse or their children. After hearing testimony in the three-day hearing, the judge ruled that any injuries suffered by the wife in the fight resulted from her husband trying to defend himself from her attack. She faces simple assault charges. Both had sought a restraining order against the other, but the judge did not issue one against Sanders.

The police officer who responded to a call from their home testified that Pilar Sanders kicked the kitchen door to gain entry to her estranged husband’s wing of the house. Sanders told the officer that his wife hit him, and he grabbed hold of her to remove her from the bedroom. He also told the officer that his wife and a friend she brought to the house hit him as he left the bedroom.

The latest development is indicative of the effects that a contentious divorce can have on children. The children witnessed the altercation between the parents, and it will likely stick with them for a while. In this case, the judge ruled that Sanders having sole custody would be the best option, rather than risking more run-ins between the parents.

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