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Reality couple settles divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2012 | Divorce

While the separation of a couple is normal in Texas and throughout the United States, the Bravo! Television “Real Housewives” franchise has had a slew of divorces throughout its run. Among the women of Orange County, Atlanta, Beverly Hills, New York and the other “Real Housewives” locales, 35 of them have gone through a divorce, many of them while a cast member on the show.

The latest is Adrienne Maloof, a Beverly Hills housewife who has been battling her plastic-surgeon husband over terms of their divorce. Recently, they agreed to settle their dispute, and they issued a statement saying they were happy it was over for the sake of their children.

Maloof’s divorce has played out in the tabloids, with their nasty exchanges publicized. Since filing for divorce in late August, the world has seen photos of Maloof with welts on her body that her chef says the woman’s husband inflicted. The plastic surgeon denied such accusations but launched some of own, contending his wife pushed him while their children watched.

The woman also leveled charges against her husband, saying he had choked one of their children. Even after an investigation showed her claims were without merit, the judge issued an order that the plastic surgeon receive only supervised visits with the kids because he appeared to have a temper.

The couple has three sons, age 9 and twins, 6.

Other reality couples locked in the heat divorced. Among them are Michaele and Tareq Sahali, the famous Washington, D.C., party crashers who appeared on the “Real Housewives of D.C.” And Kelsey Grammer, star of TV’s “Frasier,” and his wife Camille also divorced after she took a part in the Beverly Hills franchise.

Playing out a marriage or going through a divorce in front of national television is tough. With the prevalence of reality shows today, some families might want to think harder about whether the benefits of being on the show outweigh the negatives, once of which apparently is a possibility of divorce.

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