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Prenups provide predictability to a marriage

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2013 | Prenuptial Agreements

Why many people mistakenly view a prenuptial agreement as a bad omen on a marriage is somewhat of an anomaly. If anything, prenuptial agreements provide stability and predictability to a marriage, which can often be hard to come by during this period of extreme transition.

Assets that were once considered the belongings of an individual are now thrown into a marriage. In the event of a divorce, it could be nearly impossible for that individual to come out with those same assets. This could cause anxiousness or an uneasy feeling for spouses that are unsure of what marriage will bring. Allowing spouses to know exactly what would happen in the event of a divorce leaves few to no question marks looming over a marriage.

Bringing up the idea of a prenuptial agreement is not unnatural for spouses, either. Getting on the same page with money is one of the most important things a couple can do before getting married. A prenuptial agreement is simply basic financial planning, right up there with planning how to save for retirement or get out of debt. Some would argue that prenuptial agreements are tough to talk about with their significant other. So are a number of other financial topics because people tend to have a strong emotional connection with money. That doesn’t mean you simply ignore these topics.

Another incorrect notion about prenups is that only spouses with significant assets benefit from them. This is not necessarily true. If a spouse believes they might soon have significant assets, they can protect them. This scenario would involve a person whose venture may not have yet gotten off the ground before the marriage, but when it does, will prove lucrative.

Divorces can be messy and property division is no easy task. Prenuptial agreements are simply a matter of intelligent foresight and planning for the unforeseen.

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