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August 2013 Archives

Spurs' basketball player's marriage over

Tim Duncan, a player for the San Antonio Spurs professional basketball team, and his wife have ended their marriage. The divorce was the end of a relationship that had begun in college. At the request of the athlete's lawyer, the divorce hearing was held at the lawyer's office, with the couple and their attorneys in attendance. Most hearings are held at the Bexar County, Texas, courthouse. Evidently, the couple feared harassment from "paparazzi" asking for autographs or taking numerous photographs.

Divorcing without a lawyer? It's really not a good idea

People in Texas thinking about getting a divorce may be tempted to try to get through the process on their own without a lawyer. They can be misled by online ads that promise to help you fill out court papers by yourself for a discounted fee. This is not generally a good idea and can result in all kinds of difficulties and trouble.

What divorcing spouses need to know about 401(k) plans

One thing should be clear to anyone in Texas in the process of getting a divorce: Your estranged and soon to be ex-spouse is not a good source of information as to what assets can be divided up in the divorce. Your husband or wife will probably be quick to tell you, for instance, that the money in their 401(k) plan is connected to their job and is not marital property subject to division.

Prenuptial agreements may not limit creditors' actions

When a couple is getting married in Texas or elsewhere, often a prenuptial agreement may be a good idea to protect assets that one or both spouses have acquired before the marriage. It is used to provide for how certain property is going to be divided in the event of divorce or to make sure that children from a previous marriage are adequately taken care of financially. It is also often used to protect each party in the marriage against debts brought into the marriage by one spouse or another.