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Buddy system can speed divorce recovery

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2013 | Divorce

Couples in Texas generally wind up with about half of their marriages ending in divorce. Also, statistics show that January is the biggest month for filing for divorce – right after the holidays have concluded. Going through a divorce can be a traumatic and lonely experience, and making a new life for yourself can be a challenge. One method that can help is the Divorce Buddy system.

The process of divorce can take awhile, and many Texas divorces may take as long as 240 days to be processed and finalized. Your divorce lawyer can always help guide you through the legal process. However, one twice-divorced woman, believing that many people going through a divorce also need some personal guidance, support, insight and services, founded a business aimed at helping people cope with the personal issues that arise during divorce.

The group provides trained counselors and vital information to help people cope with the myriad of life changes that can occur. This particular group focuses on helping women, but men too undoubtedly often need similar counseling and support.

The employees at Divorce Buddys have each themselves been divorced at least once, so they speak from personal experience and can lend a sympathetic ear.

Additionally, each of them successfully moved on with their lives after their own divorces and are now happily remarried, they say.

During and after a divorce, a person must cope with creating a new social life for themselves. This often involves adjusting to different living surroundings, possessions, and finances. Also, a person’s previous routine and sometimes even a large part of their former circle of friends may be gone. At the same time, as the saying goes, when one door closes, another opens, and new life possibilities await.

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