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Father cites miscommunication for child support issues

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2014 | Family Law

Divorce can be complicated, and when a couple has children, those complications can extend far into the future. Even couples who attempt to communicate and make the best of any situation may deal with difficult problems such as child support and custody. When communication falls by the wayside, it can result in situations that are not in anyone’s best interest.

For one Texas man, what he says is miscommunication about child support and visitation modifications is landing him in jail. According to the judge, the man was found in contempt, partly for walking out of the courtroom. She sentenced him to six months in prison, which surprised the man’s attorney.

The hearing occurred because the man was allegedly behind in child support payments. The man said he didn’t realize a modification had been made to his child support requirements. In investigating the issue, the man’s attorney found out that his employer was not following through properly with child support withholding.

The man stated he immediately paid the owed support upon learning of the discrepancy. He stated he didn’t have any issues paying support for his child. According to his attorney, everyone in the court room agreed the man was paid up on child support at the time of the hearing.

The judge also required the man to pay an additional $3,000 in attorney’s fees to the child’s mother. He was sentenced to six months in jail during the hearing. The man feels the sentence is unjust and not in his child’s best interest. He pointed out that he cannot pay child support from jail. Reportedly, his attorney plans to appeal the matter.

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