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Suit against football player pending child’s birth

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2014 | Family Law

Family law issues such as child and spousal support are not limited to married couples. Unmarried couples may have children together over which difficult problems arise, and in some cases, the dispute is over having children to begin with. In a case involving a professional football player, one woman is alleging he took actions to encourage her to abort their child. She is now filing a lawsuit for damages and expenses.

Attorneys are not talking dollars in public, but the suit has been filed against Texas football player Arian Foster. According to the suit, the woman became pregnant during an affair with Foster during the summer of 2013. Foster is married and has two other children.

The suit requests medical expenses, compensation for lost wages and damages due to malice conduct on the part of the defendant. According to the woman, Foster made several efforts to convince her to abort the child. She also says he refused to cover medical expenses, which forced her to apply for Medicaid to cover the cost of the pregnancy.

Records indicate that Foster filed a general denial. The plaintiff’s attorney reported that he would like to see an amicable settlement in the case and encouraged the public to respect the privacy of all involved. He stated that the parties are in settlement talks at this time. Hearings have been postponed pending the birth of the child.

A person doesn’t have to be married to take responsibility for his or her child. In a case where the child’s very birth is contested, emotions can run deep. Approaching the matter through legal channels, and understanding what each party is responsible for, is often the best way to settle issues, provide for the child and allow each person to move forward with their life.

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