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Divorce as Painless as Possible: Austin Lawyer Offers Better Way

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2014 | Divorce

The decision to end a marriage is hard, but the process doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. Based on years of experience in the family law arena, Daryl Weinman has created a new option: The Divorce Resort process, which incorporates mediation in a very private and relaxed environment, with assurances that the process will end on a set schedule for a flat fee.

Why is this a better option? The answer to Austin, Texas family law attorney, Daryl Weinman, is obvious. “Most couples do not realize how stressful the process of divorce can be and how harmful the effects can be to themselves, their children and those around them.” This is a subject she knows first-hand as a child of divorced parents, as a family law attorney for the past 20 years, and because she recently lived through the process herself. She said, “Even in amicable situations when people believe that they can work things out themselves, emotions get in the way and rationality goes out the window.”

“My experience got me thinking about how the process could be improved; how could people complete the entire process privately, on a set time schedule, and a budget, without having to drag in family members, neighbors, and teachers and without having to air their dirty laundry in public?”

The Divorce Resort concept is designed to reduce stress by moving the parties from the courtroom into a resort setting – a much more pleasant atmosphere. Instead of spending months and thousands on lawyer retainer fees and going to court time and time again, the process can be complete in only 72 hours — and the flat fee is affordable.

How the process works is simple but very effective. The spouses gather all pertinent information before scheduling the weekend. Once Weinman receives the information, the weekend is booked at a resort of their choice where they will be able focus solely on their issues away from outside influences. This means that they go alone, without children or anyone else.

It is important to note that the parties stay in separate rooms and never have to see or speak to each other – Weinman works with each one individually to learn their priorities and values, to help move them toward an acceptable settlement. All of the venting and rehashing of the failed relationship is left behind.

The parties work with the mediator for the first 48 hours. If anyone needs a time-out cooling off period, they can play a round of golf, take a swim or a run, or visit the spa. All of the agreements made during the mediation process are reduced to writing in the form of a binding and irrevocable settlement agreement.

If there are any unresolved issues after 48 hours (which is rare), the mediator becomes an arbitrator who, after listening to both parties for two days, will make a fair and binding arbitration award. This ensures that the parties will achieve the goal of having all issues resolved in the 72 hour period. Some people might ask, why would we select Weinman as our private judge for our most personal matters? Her response: “You will get to know anything you want to know about me before selecting me in that role — How often does that happen when your case ends up in front of an elected judge at the courthouse?”

Her clients attest to her competence and her fairness. “Daryl was an amazing help to us. She made an already amicable divorce even better. She was thorough and sensitive and she made sure that everything was taken care of,” said Beaux. Another client said, “Daryl Weinman is a strong divorce lawyer for the collaborative divorce process and I was pleased with the professional approach she used.”

This new divorce concept is available through Weinman & Associates and is available for clients throughout the U.S. Call Daryl Weinman at 512-472-4040 to set up your free consultation, or visit for more information.