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Texas woman seeking child support from Beyonce’s father

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2014 | Paternity

Matthew Knowles, the father of Beyonce, has reportedly been fathering a new generation of potential music stars. Knowles, who is already paying support for a young child he fathered in 2010, is now facing a paternity suit in Houston over another child born to a different woman.

According to legal documents, a DNA test shows that he is almost certainly the father of the 4-year-old little girl. The 30-year-old Texas woman seeking child support from Knowles says that the two had an affair in 2010, about the same time the other child was conceived.

Media reports have noted the Houston woman’s criminal record. This includes an arrest for prostitution in 2007. Although court documents show that she pled “no contest,” she says that she was caught up in a raid on the strip club where she worked. She was arrested the following year at the same club for “engaging in entertainment, namely a dance involving the display and exposure of her G-string and uncovered breasts.”

It has not been reported whether Knowles has reached a settlement for child support with the mother of the little girl.

With DNA paternity tests that have 99.9 percent accuracy, Texas women can prove the paternity of their child and seek the financial support to which they are entitled from the father, regardless of their past.

These tests can also help men, whether they are seeking to establish paternity in order to have legal rights to a child or to prove that a child is not theirs. Texas family law attorneys can help people resolve paternity issues, regardless of the situation.

Establishing paternity, aside from helping to hold men responsible for supporting their children, helps children know who their biological father is. In the best of circumstances, it can lead to a paternal relationship that will be a positive force in a child’s life.

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