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When The First Step Is Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity and setting up a parenting plan for two parents who were never married can have significant emotional effects on the parents, the child, and extended family. Choosing an Austin paternity attorney who can offer understanding and guidance in addition to providing creative solutions to any ensuing family law issues is an important decision.

Weinman & Associates, P.C. offers experienced family law representation to mothers and fathers in paternity cases. We will help you create a parenting plan that will work best for you and your child.

Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity allows a child to have a legal relationship with both parents. Generally, a father who is not married to the mother has no legal rights to a child until the court establishes those rights by court order. Such orders will establish each parent’s rights and duties to make decisions for the child. They will also set up child support payments and requirements for health insurance for the child, in addition to a visitation schedule. Most importantly, an establishment of paternity will give a child access to both parents and the right to be supported both emotionally and financially by both parents.

Creative Solutions To Your Family Law Issues

Does your child have special needs or require special care? Is your child talented in sports or the arts and need to spend extended time with coaches? Does your child attend private school or have unusual expenses? How will parents communicate with their children if they need to travel often for work, or live in another town?

Weinman & Associates, P.C. takes the time to really get to know you and finds creative parenting solutions tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Contact A Lawyer To Establish Paternity

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