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Tips for being a good dad post-divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 30, 2015 | Paternity

Divorce is never easy on kids. Even parents who make their children’s best interests a top priority sometimes find themselves unable to alleviate their sadness, anger and stress over their parents’ split.

The situation can be particularly difficult for fathers. For a variety of reasons, dads often have less time with their children than moms do. One father, writing for “The Good Men Project,” noted some things that he found are within his power to help his kids deal with their parents’ divorce. These are all things that parents, regardless of gender, can do:

— Be consistent. Keep their routine and schedule as predictable as possible. They should be able to know what they can expect when they’re spending time in your home or elsewhere with you. When you’re not with them, make sure that they know how they can reach you.

— Along those lines, let them have their other parent when they need him or her. Sometimes, kids need their mom or dad specifically. Even if this happens during “your” time with your children, you shouldn’t deny them the chance to talk or be with your ex.– Listen to them. It’s important to recognize and try to understand their feelings, even if those feelings include anger at you.– Keep a united front with your ex. This can be one of the most challenging things to do, particularly if your relationship isn’t particularly cordial. If you speak poorly of their other parent or that parent’s new spouse or significant other or you disagree with their decisions, your children will be more likely to play you against each other. Resolve your parenting differences together and present a united front to your children. This can help provide predictability and consistency that they may feel is missing since the break-up.

If you draw up a clear parenting plan with room for necessary flexibility during your divorce, this can help you provide this important consistency for your kids. Your Texas family law attorney can help you with this.

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