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Texas coach embroiled in other couple’s divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2016 | Child Custody

University of Texas head football coach Charlie Strong has been in the news for something besides the Longhorns’ performance lately, and he’s likely not enjoying the media attention. Strong has been pulled into the divorce of a couple whom he knew when he was a coach at the University of Louisville.

The divorce involves a Kentucky businessman and trustee of the university, Jonathan Blue, and his wife Tracy, who worked for a newspaper owned by her husband until recently.

Jonathan Blue is trying to compel Strong to provide a deposition in the divorce case. Further, Blue is asking that correspondence between Strong and Blue’s estranged wife be subpoenaed and that items, including a watch, that she reportedly gave the coach be returned.

Both Blues are seeking full custody of their two daughters. Jonathan is fighting his wife’s bid for custody with implications that she had an affair with the coach. Court documents seek Strong’s testimony in the suit to show that his wife’s behavior was “inconsistent with being a role model and responsible caretaker” for the two teens.

Strong, who has been with UT since 2012, has not confirmed or denied rumors of a relationship with Mrs. Blue. He did reassure fans and supporters of the team “that this will not affect my focus in any way.”

Strong says that he has not yet been served any papers in the Blues’ divorce case. On Friday, Feb. 26, a district court judge in Kentucky will hear arguments on the motion that Jonathan Blue is seeking in order to compel Strong’s testimony.

Certainly it’s never preferable for anyone, least of all any children involved, for a divorce to get this rancorous. However, experienced family law attorneys are there to protect their clients and fight for their rights in court if needed.

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