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Protective orders can prevent violent events

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2016 | Family Law

Those who are dealing with abusive partners need to know that they have the right to use protective orders. These orders can limit interaction between the two or make it illegal for the abusive party to even contact the other individual, thus serving to keep him or her safe.

If you’re heading toward a divorce and abuse has been involved, these may be even more important. Someone who has acted violently in the past may be prone to such outbursts, especially when told about an impending divorce that he or she does not want. A such, it can be good to have the order in place first.

There are different types of orders that can be used. The most common is the type prohibiting any contact at all. However, the court does realize that this may not be possible in some situations—such as when children are involved and must be transferred from one parent to the other. In these cases, there are orders saying that the two can only meet up in safe, public areas.

In other cases, children may also be in danger. Some protective orders extend further than just the parent, making it so that the other individual is not allowed to have contact with the kids, either. This typically means not going to the house, the school, or any other place where children may be—even when they are not with the other parent.

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