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Annulment under Texas law

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2016 | Family Law

There are many ways that a marriage can fail, but under certain circumstances, it is possible to have a marriage annulled in the state of Texas. Regardless of why you might want to have a marriage invalidated, the law allows for this to be accomplished if certain standards are met.

It may seem obvious, but a marriage between blood relatives is subject to annulment, as is a marriage between two individuals when one of them is already married to another party. Underage marriage can be annulled, but the annulment must be filed within 90 days from when the petitioning party is made aware or could reasonably be expected to know that one or more parties are underage. An annulment on underage grounds cannot be filed after the underage party turns 18 years old.

Furthermore, the circumstances of the marriage itself may qualify for annulment. For instance, if the marriage was undertaken under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or if it the result of some form of fraud or duress, it can be annulled. Similarly, the marriage can be annulled if a party completed a concealed divorce within 30 days prior to the marriage, or if the marriage was performed within 72 hours of the issuance of a marriage license. If a member of the marriage is found to be impotent, this can be grounds for an annulment.

When it comes to these technical matters of the law, it is almost always advisable to have the counsel of an experienced attorney who is qualified in family law matters. If you have an issue involving a potential annulment, the guidance of such an attorney can greatly increase the likelihood of success as you navigate this complicated field.

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