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Texas sisters adopt 6 children together

On Behalf of | Dec 7, 2016 | Family Law

Two sisters from Texas have come together to create a surprising family. On National Adoption Day, which is Nov. 18, the two siblings living near Fort Worth adopted six children, creating a non-traditional family that is far from what the term often means.

The two sisters have lived together for the majority of their adult lives, and have both wanted to be mothers for some time. At some point, creating a loving home together just seemed like a natural loving extension of the family that they were already creating.

The two sisters were raised in a home with several adopted siblings, claiming that their early exposure to creating home for those in need was part of what made them sure that they wanted to be part of creating a loving home for the six siblings that they adopted.

The children all come from a home that suffered from substance abuse and a father who was imprisoned. The current state of the foster system is fairly overburdened in Texas, with over 14,000 children currently in circulation, which is significant amount for any state. The special plight of these children, with a great desire to not be split up, was enough to compel Tarrant County to agree to the two sisters jointly adopting all six children as their own.

While these two sisters have taken a brave step toward caring for those in need, there are many more who need a loving home, even right here in the Lone Star state. If you desire to become an adoptive parent, it is a worthy goal, but not without its setbacks. the guidance of an experienced family law attorney can help you navigate the system and create the loving home you have always dreamed of having, with a child who who has always dreamed of having home to call their own.

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