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July 2017 Archives

New law grants privileges to faith-based adoption agencies

Despite objections from non-faith-based adoption agencies and other non-faith-based organizations, Texas recently passed a law granting faith-based adoption organizations the right to follow their "sincerely held beliefs" in the policies that dictate how they conduct their services. While it is still unclear how far reaching the law will intimately be, the flexibility it allows faith-based adoption organizations is fairly broad.

Prenuptial agreements and outside parties

Even a well-constructed prenuptial agreement may not be legally binding in some cases, such as if the contents of the agreement exceed the boundaries of what a court wishes to enforce. This is especially true if the agreement contains language that affects individuals who are personally party to the agreement. In many cases, this involves the rights or privileges of children, or of employees of the couple.

Beware the tax implications of keeping a home in a divorce

When you and your spouse divorce in Texas, figuring out how to fairly approach property division is rarely simple. As a community property state, deciding what to do with a marital home can be quite difficult. A home often acts as both an asset and a liability, so before you fight tooth and nail to keep it, consider how it may impact you as a single person.

Do you need a cohabitation agreement with your partner?

These days, it is very common for couples to live together for some time before deciding whether or not to marry. While many people see this time as a risk-free trial to decide if marriage is right for them or not, it is much less risk-free than they might think. If you and your partner are living together or talking about moving in, you need to understand some of the risks this can present and the ways that you can protect each other from them.

Daryl Weinman Featured On Impact Makers Radio

Attorney Weinman recently appeared on an episode of Impact Makers Radio to talk with host Stewart A. Alexander about what Austin and Texas residents can do to help control the fear and emotions that are often present during the divorce process. Keeping fear, mistrust and emotional reactions in check can help keep legal fees at a minimum and minimize the scars to children.

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