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September 2017 Archives

How does an unmarried father pursue parental rights?

Parenting agreements are a standard part of divorce when parents choose to end a marriage, but for unmarried fathers, fighting for fair child custody can present some additional challenges. If you and your child's biological mother were never married, you still have parental rights, but may have to overcome some additional obstacles to claim these rights in a fair way.

What factors may affect community property divison?

Dividing up marital property in a community property state can be trickier than you might expect. Only a small handful of states, including Texas, use community property guidelines to determine property division, and if you choose to divorce here, your property division must comply.

Have you and your future spouse talked about money?

One of the greatest advantages of creating a prenuptial agreement with your spouse-to-be resides not in the actual terms you reach in the agreement, but in the process you and your spouse must walk through to create a truly strong agreement together. Prenuptial agreements are useful to many different couples for a variety of reasons, but the ancillary benefits to your relationship can be among the best aspects of the process.

Do you know where your children are during a shared custody?

After you and your child's other parent arrive at a custody agreement, you might think that the difficult part is over. However, for many parents, the conflicts are only just beginning. Often, two parents use very different parenting styles, and often this means that one parent is less concerned with following the specifics of a custody agreement than the other. Conflicts can arise if one parent does not always inform the other where the children are if they choose to leave their daily routines. This is, understandably, a source of great frustration for many parents throughout the country.