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When is it time for a paternity lawsuit in Texas?

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2019 | Paternity

Parents define our lives, either through their nurturing involvement or the sting of their absence. For a small number of Texans, the identity of our parents may become a burning question. Sometimes, the question matters for legal reasons before a person is an adult.

  • Who can start a lawsuit to identify paternity?

The mother of a child or a government agency may order a test to insure the availability of child support payments to provide needs for a child. A possible father or the child of one may request a test in order to form or confirm a legal relationship.

  • Why would a paternity suit be necessary?

A lawsuit is part of the process when there is some sort of conflict over paternity. Any sort of disagreement that causes one parent or other party to be against the identification may result in a lawsuit to resolve the issue.

  • Who pays for the paternity test?

There may also be a dispute over the cost of the test. The court will order how a test is paid for if the parties cannot agree. The cost is split between affected parties in most of these cases.

  • Can a paternity test be resolved without court?

Mediation is a possibility, as is a legal document acknowledging paternity for legal purposes. An attorney can be helpful in all of these cases, as well as representing a potential father’s interests during a paternity lawsuit. Legal representation also insures a party does not go through a lawsuit alone, and he has extra help dealing with any legal consequences.