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The Pros And Cons Of Doing Child Custody Exchanges At School

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2022 | Child Custody

Divorce is more complex when it involves children or business. When negotiating co-parent custody agreements, handling the exchange of children is crucial. Parents who live near each other and share custody have frequent exchanges in Austin, Texas. The parents must decide these exchanges beforehand for the wellbeing of the children.

Child exchange agreements

Parents should preemptively create co-parent custody agreements. Child custody exchanges are hard on the children. Parents need to think about a child’s wellbeing during a separation or divorce. Sometimes, parents who spend small amounts of time together end up fighting. Having a co-parent custody agreement can limit the fighting, which lessens the stress on children. There are other child exchange options to consider.

Exchanging children at school

Exchanging children at school happens usually when a parent has custody over the weekend. A parent can pick the child up from school on Friday and drop them off Monday morning. This arrangement is good for couples who can’t be around each other. The exchange needs the parents to be on time and reliable. A late parent would make the child wait often. The child needs to bring their belongings for the weekend to school.

Exchanging children with a third party

A friend or family member that can deal with both parents can help with child custody exchanges. The exchange could be at their home if the children like spending time with them. One parent drops them off at the person’s home, and the other parent picks them up from there. A friend or family member could drive the children between the parents’ homes. A parent must trust that the other parent won’t badmouth them to the children. Both parents need to be comfortable with bringing another person into their exchanges.

Any of the options available for co-parent custody exchanges have pros and cons. Parents with difficult relationships should consider other methods for the child’s sake. Child exchanges at school or with a third party aren’t perfect but can help child custody issues. Parents should choose another option instead of arguing in front of their children.