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Why moving out of the family home makes divorce even more stressful

On Behalf of | Aug 17, 2022 | Divorce

Divorce often proves to be a trying experience that causes tremendous stress for both spouses. Both spouses do not always go through the same amount of stress when divorcing as one spouse could be in a much better position than the other financially or emotionally. For some, moving into a new Texas home might be the most challenging experience.

Changing living arrangements with few choices

Spouses may share the same home for many years. One spouse would likely move to a new home or apartment upon filing divorce papers. The new residence’s location may force someone to become used to a new routine and fewer comforts. Psychologically, the ex-spouse might never see the new residence as their real home, but returning to the previous residence might be impossible.

The divorce decree may mandate the sale of the home and a 50/50 split of all proceeds. Now, both spouses must go through the stress of acclimating themselves to a new residence. Perhaps looking for the most appealing and affordable residence seems wise. Moving into a costly or inadequate property might lead to more stress.

Options to consider

Several challenges may prove difficult to overcome during divorce proceedings, but spouses could look at ways to alleviate financial burdens. Properly budgeting for expenses could make looking for a new residence less stressful. Seeking a reasonable amount of spousal support may also help address some issues.

A lengthy divorce trial could make the process more draining, adding to everyone’s stress levels. Seeking an amicable divorce might be the best plan. Sometimes, mediation may address roadblocks that make an agreement hard to reach.

After the divorce finalizes, the ex-spouses could think about their permanent living arrangements. Maybe renting and being more mobile may allow for a better initial transition.