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Why social media use can be problematic during a divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2023 | Divorce

When couples get divorced in Texas, there are many things they know to avoid. However, one area that people often overlook is social media use. These are two common issues with being on social media during a divorce.

Posting negative content about a spouse

It is common to go on social media and see negative posts or rants about other people. When couples who are going through a divorce get upset with each other, it can be tempting to go on social media and post something hurtful in retaliation or to vent. However, such posts can be used against a person in court by the other spouse. A good alternative is to write down thoughts about feelings in a journal that nobody else can see. In addition to journaling, some people find that taking up a new hobby like drawing or playing a musical instrument can help release stress.

Posting content that is otherwise detrimental

Social media posts do not necessarily have to be about the other spouse to be detrimental. For example, posting about spending a night out with friends drinking could potentially be used against a spouse in some situations. Certain types of jokes or other content that people share can also be brought up in court. Some people break social media connections with a spouse and limit posts to friends or followers. However, it helps to remember that some mutual connections or friends may be sharing information with the other spouse.

Because there are so many potential problems tied to social media use during a divorce, it may help to avoid it until the process ends. If not, it is important to use extra care when posting.