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How does divorce mediation work?

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2023 | Family Law

When going through divorce, you have several options available. These days, fewer people opt for taking their case directly to court and instead look for alternative methods.

Mediation serves as one of the most popular alternative methods to litigation. But what exactly is divorce mediation? How does it work and what are the benefits?

What is divorce mediation?

FINRA goes into detail about mediation as a dispute resolution method. Mediation works by allowing both members of the marriage to discuss matters themselves and not leave anything up to the court’s decision.

A mediator plays a crucial role in allowing this to happen. The mediator oversees the process and acts as a referee. They will prevent any arguments from getting out of hand and ensure that both parties have equal time to voice their opinions, concerns and desires. They may also offer unique opinions from their perspective.

They will not interfere any more than that, however. It is not the job of a mediator to reach the final conclusion for you and your partner. You must do that on your own, which is a big draw of mediation for many.

What are the benefits?

As mentioned, when opting for mediation, all of the power for decision-making rests in your hands. When you litigate, you must accept the decisions that a judge will make regarding matters like asset division, child custody arrangement, spousal and child support payments and more.

Mediating your divorce puts these decisions back in your hand. It also saves you the time and cost of taking a case through the judicial system, which is a major boon for many.