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New Texas legislation aimed at preventing domestic violence

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Many women in Travis County and throughout Texas suffer from the effects of aggressive behavior in their home by their spouse or partner. According to the Texas Council on Family Violence, 102 women were killed in domestic violence incidents in 2011 and 177,983 women were injured in related events.

Texas legislation

To protect women, children and spouses where violence takes place in the home, the Texas House recently passed a piece of legislation aimed at preventing the effects of domestic violence, says CBS DFW. The new bill will require certain individuals who have committed repeated acts of violence to register as an offender. This registry will be similar to the state’s Sex Offender Registration in terms of how it will operate.

When an individual is convicted of domestic violence three or more times, they will be required by law to register as an offender. The goal of this registry is to provide Texas citizens information about these abusers in order to prevent violence, injuries and fatalities. The registry will include the offender’s name, photographs of the individual and their birth date.

Protective orders

Although this new piece legislation may be one step closer toward solving the issue of domestic violence in Texas, it will not eradicate the problem completely. To protect women and children from the effects of violence, a protective order can be obtained to prevent further events of abuse. Certain individuals may file an application for protective order after they endure:

  • Violence and physical assaults.
  • Beating and choking.
  • Sexual violence.
  • Stalking.
  • Other forms of victimization.

After a protective order is obtained, individuals may feel safer and more secure in their situation. A protective order may also prohibit the offender from harassing, stalking or committing other acts of violence. However, victims need to keep in mind that the protective order is just one step in taking precautionary measures – victims still need to be proactive in finding other ways to keep themselves safe.

How to obtain a protective order

In Texas, a protective order can be obtained through a county or district attorney or a private lawyer. These orders are available in Travis County and every other county in the state. Individuals should file for a protective order soon after an incident has occurred and should come prepared to provide the name of each victim, where they live, the name and address of the individual who committed the act of domestic violence and the relationship between the offender and the individual filing for the order.

If you or your children have suffered from acts of domestic violence, a protective order may prevent further acts of violence, harassment or victimization from occurring. Consult with an attorney that specializes in family law to begin the process towards obtaining this document.

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