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April 2014 Archives

Texas woman charged with kidnapping 8-year-old daughter

A 27-year-old mother has been arrested for taking her 8-year-old daughter out of her school in Jefferson City, Missouri, without notifying the school or the girl's father, with whom the girl lives. The child's 19-year-old aunt was also arrested. The two women were charged with parental kidnapping.

Divorcing Texas business partners can face difficult problems

Divorce can be a complicated process. However, when the spouses who are calling it quits are in business together, the number of difficult problems and the people impacted by the break-up are multiplied. According to the most recent U.S. Census, some 3.7 million businesses are owned by spouses. Given the divorce rate in this country, that means a lot of spouses will be determining how to move forward with a business as well as their own lives following a break-up.

Can excessive Twitter use lead to divorce?

Can Twitter use be detrimental to your marriage? According to a study by a journal called Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, it can. The author of the study, a University of Missouri doctoral student, surveyed almost 600 Twitter users about their use of the site. The study found that active users were likely to have conflict with their partners over the time they spent on Twitter and the amount of attention they gave to tweeting, responding to tweets and just reviewing the tweets of those they follow.

Texas county arrests 16 people for failing to pay child support

Child support is a legal obligation for those ordered to pay it. When people don't make child support payments in full and on time, children and those caring for them can suffer greatly. Thanks to one sheriff's office and the state attorney general, 16 people recently learned that Texas takes child support seriously.