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How you should handle medical debt

Paying off medical debt is a daunting task in Texas and elsewhere around the county. A lot of times, medical expenses are unplanned, and if you use a service, such as an ambulance, even with the help of your insurance, you can rack up a lot of debt.

Don’t ignore your medical debt

However, the consequences for not paying off your medical debt is worse. This is because you’ll have to deal with collection agencies, and you’ll damage your credit. You’ll need to formulate a strategy to minimize and pay off your medical debt in the most efficient way possible while still paying off your ordinary bills.

What are your bills?

The first step you should take when trying to tackle your medical debt is talking with your insurance company and your medical provider to ensure there are no unauthorized charges or errors on any of your bills. You need to ensure that your insurance company has paid for all necessary medical expenses.

Try to adjust your bills

Ideally, you should negotiate medical expenses before receiving any treatment, but it doesn’t hurt to ask your medical provider to adjust the bill afterward. Some hospitals may be willing to lower your rates, so they are similar to what Medicare would pay for your medical expenses. Local charities may assist you if your income is below a certain threshold. This is especially true if your medical bills are coming from a nonprofit hospital.

Create a payment plan with your medical provider

Most medical providers will work with you to create a payment plan based on your budget. Depending on how much you earn, you may be eligible to pay low interest. Just be sure that once you reach an agreement, you get it in writing. If all else fails, you should contact a bankruptcy attorney for help with getting rid of your debt.


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