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Documentary examines difficult problems in family law

A new documentary being released entitled "Romeo Misses A Payment" takes a close look at some of the problems faced by non-custodial parents caught up in the court system over difficulties concerning child support and related issues. The filmmaker, who is also a father, took his camera to a variety of locations to conduct interviews with parents facing difficult problems with family law, including parents involved in court cases in Dallas, Texas.

Big battle over child support between Marc Anthony and wife

Latin superstar Marc Anthony and his ex-wife Dayanara Torres, a former Miss Universe, are currently embroiled in a fierce child support battle concerning their two children. The two have been apart since 2004, and she wants him to pay almost 10 times as much child support as he has been paying.

152 arrested for not paying child support

152 non-custodial parents from five counties in the Southern area of Texas have been arrested for ignoring court orders to pay child support. Sheriffs and their deputies from Cameron, Hidalgo, Starr, Webb, and Willacy made to arrests pursuant to court issued arrest warrants. Those arrested could be sanctioned by as much as six months of incarceration. In instances where the arrestees managed to post bonds to be released, the funds paid will be turned over to be applied to back child support owed.

Lawsuit challenges Texas ban on same-sex marriage

A lawsuit by two same-sex couples, one female and one male, challenges the current ban on gay and lesbian marriage in the Texas state Constitution. That constitutional provision, adopted by voters in 2005, defines marriage as limited to those between one man and one woman, and prohibits Texas and local officials from taking actions that would recognize same-sex marriages. This has rapidly become an intense family law issue across the country, with 14 states now recognizing same-sex marriage.

Wait for child support cases in El Paso to shorten

A huge backlog of child support cases in the courthouse in El Paso, Texas, has left some parents waiting as long as four months to get in front of a judge. One of the problems there in processing these important family law cases has been the fact that only one judge was assigned to hear them. This resulted in long waits, including waiting in a long line on the day they were to see the judge.

Divorced parents need to work together for children's benefit

You divorce your spouse, but you don't divorce your children. Children whose family has gone through a divorce need the security and comfort of feeling certain that both parents are still there for them and still love them. Children who have a high degree of involvement in their lives by both parents following a divorce are more likely to have a lower incidence of behavior problems, as well as staying in school and achieving better grades, according to a number of studies. One development in family law that responds to this reality is the program that offers shared parenting services that was put together by the Texas Attorney General's Office.

The impact of relationships on finances

Most people realize that getting married or divorced can have an impact on their finances and property rights. But a lesser known area of family law is that other types of relationships, such as cohabiting, can also have an impact. In Texas, and a small number of other states, common law marriages are recognized and cohabiting together for a period of time may result in being regarded as legally married.

Texas same-sex couples debating whether or not to leave

A growing number of states now allow same-sex marriages and other allow civil unions. That coupled with the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision providing federal benefits to legally married same sex couples has some same-sex couples in committed relationships in Texas are debating whether to stay here or leave the state for greener pastures. One thing is clear: Same-sex couples who opt to continue to reside in Texas need the assistance of an experienced family law attorney to advise them on how to maximize their available rights under existing state law.

Lesbian mom risks losing kids unless she ousts lover

A lesbian couple in McKinney, Texas, has been together for approximately three years. A county judge is now threatening one of them with the loss of custody of her children unless her lover moves out. Under current Texas family law, same sex couples are not allowed to marry. The judge is enforcing a "morality" clause that was placed in the mother's divorce decree from her former husband.

Divorce? There could be an app for that

Today's technology is generally designed with one focus: to make our lives easier. Many Texans pay their bills, shop, look up movie times and surf the Internet all on their smartphones. Will there ever be a time where technology becomes so advanced, that spouses can settle a divorce from the comfort of their own home? Perhaps not, but one tech developer is working on a Web application that aims to make divorce easier and convenient.

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