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Avoid these mistakes during your divorce

After you've made it through your divorce, you'll likely look back and see things that you should have done differently. That's only natural. You're making decisions that will impact you and your children for a long time to come at a time when your emotions are likely impairing your judgment.

Why should you wait before buying a home after divorce?

When Texas couples divorce, they may choose to sell the family home and split any profits. In some cases, one spouse buys out the other's share of the family home and stays in it him/herself. Whatever the case, one or both spouses often find themselves looking for another property to purchase not long after the divorce.

How to survive your spouse asking for a divorce

The break-up of a marriage is never easy. However, when one spouse suddenly tells the other that he or she wants a divorce, it can be devastating. Family law attorneys have all had clients who came to them in a state of shock because the person they thought they'd be spending the rest of their life with walked out.

Tips for Texans' first post-divorce family vacation

With summer vacation around the corner, many newly-divorced Texans are planning their first trips alone with their children. Traveling with kids always includes some level of stress. However, doing it on your own can be significantly more difficult -- at least the first time. Here are some tips to make the getaway go more smoothly for everyone.

Former Texas Ranger Josh Hamilton files for divorce

Major League Baseball player Josh Hamilton, who spent five seasons playing for the Texas Rangers, has filed for divorce from his wife Katie. The outfielder, who is about to turn 34, had been playing for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim until shoulder surgery and a reported substance abuse relapse sidelined him. However, he filed the divorce petition this February in Tarrant County, Texas.

Tax time can be challenging for newly-divorced Texas women

Despite changing gender roles, a number of wives still let their husbands handle most of the family finances, including taxes. This means that many newly-divorced women are facing the tax season alone for the first time, or at least for the first time in many years. Couple that with the fact that the last year has probably been one of the life changes that will need to be reported on your state and federal taxes, and it's perfectly reasonable to feel confused and overwhelmed as April 15 grows closer.

Minimizing your Texas toddler's stress during your divorce

Most Texas parents who divorce worry about the impact on their children. Because school-age children and teens may be likely to express their feelings clearly on the matter, parents may be more focused on them than on younger children.

What do you do with a mortgaged home when you divorce?

When Texas couples divorce, the largest item they are likely to have to deal with is their home. For most of us, that means a residence on which we have a substantial mortgage. One mortgage planner advises divorcing couples who have a home to "[s]ell it, pay off the mortgage and move on."