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Family Law Services For Same-Sex Couples

At Weinman & Associates, P.C. in Austin, we are proud to offer family law services for LGBT couples. Since 1994, we have demonstrated our forward-thinking approach to the law, handling complex and cutting-edge cases and getting positive results.

We can help marrying couples create prenuptial agreements in order to prevent marital strife regarding the ownership of property and provide peace of mind. Our goal is to draft clear agreements to set the stage for a successful and long-lasting marriage, while getting protections in place in the event that a divorce becomes necessary.

We can help same-sex couples through the adoption process, providing guidance on agency adoptions and other forms of adoption. If one of the spouses is coming into the marriage with a child from a previous relationship, we can assist the other spouse with a stepparent adoption.

Same-Sex Marriage And Divorce

Divorce always hits hard. We know this from firsthand experience. Our founding attorney is not only the daughter of divorced parents, she has also gone through a divorce herself. All the anxieties and fears you now face, she has faced too. Now she has the legal experience and knowledge to help you reduce those anxieties and fears, and to make certain that your rights are protected through all phases of the divorce process.

There are many options for resolving your divorce, and we are here to help you understand them and select the one that makes the most sense for you and your family. We frequently recommend that every attempt be made for an amicable resolution through negotiation and mediation. This not only minimizes stress, which is extremely valuable if there are children involved, but may also save you time and money. However, if you and your spouse are simply not going to see eye to eye, we are trial attorneys, ready to advocate for you in court.

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